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Hijab Fashion

Latest Hijab Fashion amongest All Young Girls

hijab fashion for wedding party

Hijab Fashion is very common in these days. Every girl wants to get some unique style about wearing hijab. In Islam face veils and covering face are worn by some Muslim women in accordance with certain Islamic mores and ethics that insist on shyness and modesty in public. Many females and young girls who are not interested in wearing such hijab. There can often be confusion over the difference in the middle of, niqab burka and other traditional headscarves and hijab. There are two and three main types of covering: the niqab and the burka Hijab.

Hijab Fashion for Wedding party

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But what is the difference between these and what other selections of head scarf and Hijab are there? In these days all ladies and young girls need to know about Hijab and Niqab. The niqab and hijab are a head covering and clothes scarf that covers the face but leaves the eyes uncovered. In hijab, ladies have to cover usually flows down to the mid-back. Most women may carry on down to the mid-chest at the front of your body.

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The Hijab is mainly worn by young and old women in Arab countries. But In Pakistan most women and young girls wear hijab.In school and collage girls wear this type of Hijab. But some Muslim women from Western republics nations also choose to wear this type of Hijab. The word hijab is a general term for modest Muslim girls and ladies clothing.It also applies to scarves that cover the hair head and front chest. This type of hijab scarf is the head covering worn most usually and commonly in the West east and covers the neck and head. In Hijab ladies leaves the face uncovered. Every year On February 1 it is World Hijab Day. Celebrate this day with full of power and joy.

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