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Abaya Fashion

Abaya Fashion Trends: Stylish Abaya Designs Collection for 2017

Khaleeji abaya fashion

Abaya fashion is becoming the most popular fashion trend among muslim womens. All abaya designers all over the world are designing beautiful abaya for women with different colors and stylish patterns. A few years back in the past, abaya were only in one color and that was the black but now a day there is a huge Islamic abaya collection at the Islamic clothing stores.

Muslim women dont go outside their houses without wearing it. It has become an essential part of Islamic dressing among muslim girls. Abayas and jilbabs help to cover the whole body which is also necessary in religion Islam. Besides this, now it has also become a fashion in Arab countries and all over the world where women are not allowed to go out without covering their body. Many of the women prefer to wear a long abaya and gowns which is also known as Burkha as it helps to cover the whole body. The increased demand of ladies for muslim abaya leads the designers to prepare a variety of stylish and beautiful abaya dress to add a style to ones look.

Stylish Lace Abaya Designs 2017

By wearing abaya dress, women can have two type of mental satisfaction. First satisfaction is the fact that they are following the Islamic religious dress code and the second is that they are also following the current fashion trends. As fashion abaya is becoming very popular in the Islamic world thats the why the abaya designers have launched a variety of abaya and jilabs designs for all womens including teenage, young girls and plus size women.

Beautiful Abaya Fashion Designs for 2017-2018

Here in this article Ill present you a latest and beautiful abaya collection with unique and stylish designs for the year 2017. From plain and simple to cuts and laces here you will find a very big collection of new designs and styles which are most popular among the young generation now a day in this year.

  1. The Kaftan Style Abaya
  2. The Moroccan Style Abaya
  3. The Floral style Abaya
  4. The Open Style Abaya
  5. The Standard A-line Abaya
  6. The Butterfly Abaya
  7. Open Abaya Cardigan
  8. Fancy Lace Abaya Designs
  9. Saudi Abaya Designs
  10. Plus Size Abaya
  11. Overhead Abaya
  12. Wedding Abaya
  13. Khaleeji Abaya
  14. Arabic Abaya

Here we will discuss these all above abaya fashion trends one by one with examples and images of the leading abaya designs for the year 2017-2018.

The Moroccan Style Abaya

Moroccan abaya style is very popular now a day specially in young girls. It is a unique art of clothing with layers and silhouettes. However, it can also be decorated with the lace, gold and silver embroidery along the trims and neckline.

Moroccan Style Abaya 2017 Moroccan abaya style

The Kaftan Style Abaya

The Kaftan style is the latest and modest designs of abaya which is long and loose with robe-like. Many Kaftan abayas are designed to resemble a belted tunic. With their decoratively prepared necklines and lighter, luxuriant fabrics, they are dressier in their look and are very common for parties and weddings.

Kaftan Style Fashion Abaya Designs 2017

Latest Kaftan Style Abaya Designs 2017

The Floral style Abaya

In the past, abayas were found only in black colors but now a day they being prepared in almost all colors with different prints, flowers, stones and a work of embroidery. Now there are a lot of ladies abaya designs in the market with embossed floral fabrics which gives an elegant and a unique look.

Beautiful Lace Abaya Designs Collection

ladies Floral Lace Abaya Designs 2017

Floral style Abaya Designs

The Open Style Abaya

The newest design about modern Abaya fashion is the open Abaya cardigan; which just like an open dress or an over-sized cardigan. This design remains open from the front and a thin belt that go around the waist. Most of the young ladies like to wear this design with jeans or pants and long tunic, or with a maxi dress, it suits both those looks. This style is very suitable for wearing in parties and weddings as it gives you best coverage.

Open Style Abaya Designs 2017

colorful open abaya soha mt designs

Open abaya fashion style
Beautiful neutral open abaya fashion style for 2017 which provides natural look.

The Standard A-line Abaya

Standard A-line abaya style is very old design but it is still being used in fashion world. This is most preferable choice of girls abaya with heavy figure as It is usually fitted up to the waist with the skirt blazing.

 A-line abaya style

a line abaya Designs New-Fashion 2017

The Butterfly Abaya

Butterfly Abayas are very famous in modern fashion. It gives a modest fit with excess fabric under the sleeves to create a beautiful rippled effect. It looks like a butterfly in the sense that the extra fabric under the sleeves looks like butterfly. This style look best in chiffon, silk and jersey knit fabrics.

Butterfly Abaya Designs 2017.

Open Abaya Cardigan

Open Abaya Cardigan looks an open dress or an over coat cardigan. The is the newest design and is mostly widely wore by the young girls. It is mostly used jeans and pants or with maxi dress.

Open abaya fashion style
Beautiful neutral open abaya fashion style for 2017 which provides natural look.

abaya style 2017

fashion abaya style
beige abaya with golden details 2017
colorful open abaya soha mt designs

Saudi Abaya Designs

Newest fashion trend of Saudi abayas include Fancy and Simple Exclusive Abayas, Umbrella Cut Abaya, Fancy Kaftan, Jilbab, Burka, and Open Abaya Cardigan Designs These designs are very famous among Girls in Kuwait, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arab, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UK, USA.

Abaya or Burqa is a simple, loose dress, worn by some women in parts of the Muslim world including in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, UAE, Kuwait, Dubai, Pakistan, India Bangladesh and in all Muslims and Arab Countries, it also known as Burka in Pakistan and India.

The utmost widespread colors for the Saudi Abaya for the current season are; blush pink, beige, grey, white creamy, and mocha. The Saudi woman love to look elegant and chic, so she loves to wear a branded handbag and a high heels shoe to complete her classy look.

beige abaya with golden details 2017

blush pink classy abaya style

open abaya with lace details

fashion abaya style

abaya style 2017

Fancy Lace Abaya Designs

Now a days a new trend of lace abaya is being followed by the young girls. Beautiful lace abaya designs are available in the market with beautiful patterns and multi-color touch.

Many well-known designers from Dubai and Arab have freshly launched their unique abayas collection having advanced and creative designs with various patterns, traditional themes, and fresh color combinations.

In these designs, there is an extensive use of Beads, diamonds, and ribbons to add lifelong beauty. In all new collections, the trend of covering a front area and neckline from heavy lacework is introduced along with stylish embroidery on sleeves. Obviously, an abaya is incomplete without a hijab or scarf, so matching scarfs are also available including brooches along with abaya.

Floral black colored Lace Abaya Design

Beautiful Lace Abaya Designs Collection

Black Lace Abaya Designs

Floral Lace Abaya Designs 2017

Plus Size Abaya Designs

Plus size abaya designs are also available for plus size womens. Designers have made a lot of new stylish designs in in plus size also, which gives an attractive look to a curvy woman. Few women like to wear a very simple one and rest go for a very stylish designed abaya that can be worn on parties and other events. Now a days all designs are styles of abayas in different colors are available in plus sizes. So, there is no limitation to only black color for plus size womens they have a huge collection of abaya styles. Women who have a desire to look stylish and diverse also go for abayas. Lately they have also become a part of fashion now. Big size women who are worried about their weight and want to style abayas, we have some pictures for you so that you all can take ideas.

 Plus-size-abayas Latest-plus-size-abaya-fashion Latest-style-plus-size-abaya Plus-size-Abaya-Designs Plus-size-women-abaya-styles

Overhead Abaya

A simple and modest extra-long length overhead abaya design providing complete coverage in one easy-to-wear garment. There are different styles in overhead abaya designs which include Long Khimar with Cuffs, Overhead 1-Piece Saudi Jilbab, Khaleeji Khimar, Overhead 2-Piece Khimar with Lycra Over-Sleeves and many others.

Overhead Abaya Fashion

Wedding Abaya Designs

For wedding and Events, the most widely used abaya designs include the flowered, lacework designs, stylish embroidery on sleeves, Kaftan style and floral style abayas. In a wedding ceremony, most of the girls prefers a design which provides them a unique and attractive look. So, wedding abaya should as style full as it can be possible for you while for regular use like for college or university students it should be a simple one with a few of styles on it. In the market, there a lot designs for wedding abayas with different colors and patterns.

Wedding Abaya Dresses Designs

wedding abaya fashion

Khaleeji Abaya

Khaleeji abaya are very famous in the muslim world. There are many styles of khaliji abaya designs including the stylish as well as simple one. Khaleeji Khimar and jilabiya are very famous design of which is also known as overhead abaya design. It provides the full body coverage.

Khaleeji Abaya fashion gettogether focusses on giving multipart hijab and Abaya styles as it were, which ladies can naturally receive. They stay in accordance with the usual example of Abaya i.e. long Abaya with full sleeves. Creators regularly think that its hard to veer off from the first shade of Abaya i.e. dark and in this way numerous fashioners even today present Abaya gathering that is generally in dark shading and Khaleeji Abaya accumulation is one of them.

Khaleeji abaya fashion

Arabic Abaya Designs

The latest Arabic style Abaya collection of 2017-2018 is a blend of both traditional and modern Abaya styles. By wearing abaya dress, women can have two type of mental satisfaction. First satisfaction is the fact that they are following the Islamic religious dress code and the second is that they are also following the current fashion trends.

Arabic abaya styles are very famous among the muslim women all over the world. There is a huge collection of Arabic abaya designs which includes both simple and stylish.

Arabic Style Abaya Fashion
This image shows a woman wearing velvet open Abaya, which is quite trendy and unique.
Arabic Style Abaya Collection
This image shows a woman wearing a long maxi type Abaya, which has intricate embroidery on the front. It gives a very formal look to the entire dress, thus it can be worn on any occasion like wedding, dinners etc.

Abaya Fashion Ideas for Muslim Women

We keep on bringing great fashion ideas for abaya clothing for all women including plus size women. Today we will exclusively have talked about mulsim women fashion inspiration and in the next coming articles we will focus on the new abaya fashion trends for 2017.

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